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January 10, 2022 4 min read

With Valentine's Day around the corner, you may be on the lookout for gifts to impress your better half. Giving a loved one a gift has more to do with the gesture than the gift itself. You can spend money on an item that everyone already has or go for a unique item specific to that person. If you've taken time to think about and spend money to select the perfect gift for that person, it's usually much more appreciated. It is almost pointless to say that a watch might be the right gift — but it is. Just like the adage that says, "A GIFT OF TIME is always PRECIOUS," a wooden watch is also a gift of time – specifically an heirloom timepiece that you can pass down to future generations. Here are some reasons why you should get it for your loved ones. 

Wooden watches are more Sustainable. 

Wood watches have been around for decades and always seem to be popular. For some, it's the durability aspect of a watch made from a natural material. Others love the earthy, natural look of wood watches. Whatever the reason, wood watches are here to stay and come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and styles. Wooden watches are sustainable, and this character makes them a highly popular option for Valentine's gifts for men and women. Suitability and eco-friendly are the need of the hour so that this gift will inspire your partner. 


Wood watches are hypoallergenic and rarely cause reactions like most metal watches. In recent times, many people worldwide have been allergic to different metals. So if you choose a wooden watch, it wouldn't irritate your skin. 

Unique in Design 

Wood watches are unique and have a certain rustic appeal that makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Each piece of wood has its distinct patterns and colors. When you buy a wood watch, you're buying something completely authentic and genuine, unlike those cheap, mass-produced plastic watches. Each piece of wood has a unique character that makes it special, something you can't get from plastic watches.

Eco-friendly material 

Wood is the most eco-friendly material that can be used to create watches. Wood is a biodegradable and renewable resource. 

Engraved a personal message 

Engrave your wooden watch with a special personalized message, like the day you met with your loved one, your wedding anniversary, or a meaningful quote. To give a romantic touch, add a heart emoji If that's your thing

Practical and Thoughtful 

Not everyone likes eye-catching presents. Some people prefer getting practical things. What's more practical than a watch? Wooden watches, in particular, have a few more tricks in their gears. Traditional watches can be heavy, especially after long periods of wearing. Wooden watches are lighter and more comfortable, making them ideal for long hours at the office.

A high-quality watch is not just an everyday accessory but a reminder of your deep thoughtfulness and love for that special person in your life. Wooden watches are anything but generic. Selecting the right one takes time and consideration. A watch is a long-term investment designed for everyday use. It follows the wearer wherever they go, making a statement about who they are. It's a very personal gift that sends a clear message. If you're willing to invest time in selecting a thoughtful gift, you're going to invest time in your relationship.

Stylish and Trendy

Wood watches are a tasteful and unique way to add personality and distinction to your timepiece. The traditional watch is more than just a way to read time; it's an accessory that allows you to make a statement about yourself.

 Wood Watches are not just fashion accessories. They are timeless pieces of art that will stand the test of time. A wooden watch is one accessory that never goes out of style, making it just the right choice to gift your partner this valentine. A wooden watch is stylish and trendy and looks good with any outfit on both men and women. So, no matter if you are a girl or a boy, old or young, there is a unique wooden watch design for all!

Constantly evolving 

One of the most exciting features of a wooden watch made from natural materials is its constantly changing nodes and tones because it is made from living material. Any wooden accessory, like wooden watches, tends to change over time, adding a distinct character and touch to each piece. Just like our Chronographic Wooden Watch Collection

Make cool pictures for social media. 

This Valentine's day, prove your love uniquely and excitingly. Get your Valentine one of the wooden watches so they can take cool pictures for their gram. Photos of the memorable gifts help you reminisce about the joy and emotions you felt about that gift. 


Wooden watches are cost-efficient, and is they're typically less expensive than metal watches. This is probably because wood is a renewable resource that's relatively easy to obtain.

To wrap up 

Most people would agree that one of the most romantic gifts you can receive on Valentine's Day is a meaningful gift that shows that you know your loved one well. Wood watches are a great choice for this. Lakewood watches are Affordable, Customizable & Amazingly Unique Wood Watches For valentines. Take a look at our products and order for your loved one. 

Tony West
Tony West

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