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February 28, 2022 4 min read

Designs, materials used, color combinations, and tastes of watches have changed over the years. Many prefer steel watches as they have a sense of attractiveness. But, stainless steel watches have a competitor now, and those watches are made from wood. 

Wooden Watches have created their own market, and their sales are increasing rapidly. The perception of owning an expensive watch that translates its durability and quality is wrong. Hence, our wooden watches under $100 are durable, stylish, and unique. The advantages of owning it are countless and surely will be eye-catching. Here are the wooden watches that are trending at Lakewood at the moment. 

Leveaux it is

The black-colored dial with a deep brownish structure makes it a pure gentlemen's watch. It is a chronograph with roman numbers embedded on the dial and steel buttons on the sides. The needles are darker and blend with the dial, but the whitish color makes them more luminous. The strap is made of wood and steel, whereas the clasp is pure steel engraved with Lakewood. 

The watch's pure classical and elegant appearance can match your light-colored suits. Hence, this timepiece is the best choice if you are going to a meeting with high delegations or at a corporate event. Even the officials will be attracted to it. However, this marvelous machinery is priced at $69 and is simply eye catching. You won't even feel that you are wearing it on your wrist. And this is one of many qualities of having a wooden watch in your collection. 

The sporty Burton

While gyming or jogging, wearing a multipurpose watch is a must. To fill up that gap, Burton can be your partner during the exercises. If you need to measure the time of your sprints, rests between the sets, or one lap timing, then this watch can be extremely convenient. The leather strap will not irritate you while you are sweating. 

This chronograph watch has its own uniqueness. It has a dark dial with matching needles and the date window on the bottom right. Bezels are darker, which gives them a more aggressive look. The crown is the same color as the frame, and the dark strap looks extremely meaningful and has a steel buckle for the stronghold. This consistency of the design makes it beyond appealing. This amazing masterpiece has a price tag of $69 and is currently on sale. It's a race between the time, get it now, or you'll suffer for not having it.

Your everyday friend, Ivory

Everyone prefers a watch that can match any clothes at any part of the day. Whether you are wearing semi-formal or casual, it just suits all of them. A glowy white dial with dark brown bezels makes it a piece of art. On the sides, the silverish crown and button hold the matching with the bezel's color just fine. It is a chronograph watch with prominent needles and roman numbers that make it easy to observe the time. Nonetheless, the dark strap gives it a look that everyone wants on their wrist. 

It can go easy with your clothes and will blend in pretty well. Regardless of the age, it can be a taste of many older adults as well. The sensation of wearing it will be beyond the best experience in your life. Moreover, you can easily differentiate between the feel of wearing a wooden and stainless steel watch. The wooden watch will adhere better towards temperature change, and you will definitely feel cozy wearing it. After taking it off, you will not have impressions on your hand like wearing a steel watch. It completely defines the property of wood that it is a good insulator. Getting all these perks for just $69 can be very alluring. Hurry up, or else the sales will go off anytime soon at Lakewood. 

Pearl, The precious jewelry for a woman

Women are very conscious about what they're wearing, whether they're clothes or any accessory that matches their outfit. Females have better observations when selecting colors, and even a gentleman will ask her lady before selecting something for himself. 

With keeping all the women's perceptions in mind, Pearl by Lakewood can be the best choice for any lady. The whitish dial blends in with the wood-textured bezels, making it look very appealing. Whether you are wearing a western or eastern outfit, it can mingle with both of them pretty well. Moreover, the wooden strap with steel-colored links and buckle gives it a whole new design. Even the crown and functional buttons on the sides match with the needles, links, and buckle. 

The chronograph functionality makes it more eye-catching and will surely suit better on delicate wrists. It can be a best friend to every woman who prefers lightweight and elegant watches. Hence, this is the best watch that is currently on sale and is retailing for $69 on Lakewood Watches. You shouldn't wait more or else you'll be too late. 

Lakewood takes pride in facilitating their customers at a matchless level. If you are planning to get one of these and want to engrave your name on it then that is possible too.

Tony West
Tony West

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