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December 07, 2021 4 min read

Wrist watches have been a staple of everyday attire for nearly a century and half. That's a pretty long time to keep as much of a trend as wrist watches going. From the early days, when pocket watches were the only other method for telling time, until now, wrist watches have maintained their popularity and usefulness. And there's more ways to tell time than ever before, but not all watch styles are created equal. One watch stands out among them all and it comes from materials that go way beyond the norm in terms of quality and beauty. This is the wooden watch, an eco-friendly alternative to metal or plastic that has become popular enough to moonlight with luxury timepieces in some very upscale advertising campaigns. 

You must maintain your wooden watch to maintain it’s durability

Your wooden watch is an excellent addition to your collection, but it will require some maintenance. It is not as delicate as you might think. The wood needs to be cleaned regularly. If it is not handled right, it will get damaged. There are many things that we can do to keep our wooden watches in a good condition. Wooden watches are not just about fashion; they are also about durability and quality. Here are some tips on how to maintain your wooden watch:

Clean it regularly

just like your wooden furniture, wooden watches need to be cleaned from time to time to keep them from getting dirty and grimy. When dirt and grime build up on the surface of the watch, this makes it appear dull and unattractive. Wooden watches need regular cleaning. It's important to clean the watch regularly with a mild soap and water. Don't use any strong chemicals or detergents, as the chemicals may cause damage to the band, dial and hands of the watch. After you have cleaned the watch, dry it with a soft cloth before putting it back on your wrist.

Save it from sunlight and damp areas

Then, store your wooden watch carefully. You should store your wooden watches in a soft cloth pouch or box where it will be kept safe from dust and scratches. Avoid placing heavy items on top of your wooden watch; do not keep it in places where there is risk of getting wet or humid; avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, such as direct sunlight and damp areas.

Protect it from water

You should take care while wearing your wooden watch while taking shower or swimming. The hot water might cause some moisture that might result in damage of the wooden material. You should avoid submerging a wooden watch in water because this could warp the wood or cause its finish to wear off. It is best to wipe down a wooden watch using a damp cloth while you are wearing it so that you don't accidentally submerge it under water.

You should not wear your wooden watch while engaged in physical activity. Sweating can cause the wood to crack, fade or warp over time. This is especially true if you live in a humid climate and tend to sweat more than normal due to the weather conditions.

Store your wooden watches in right place:

Don't expose your wooden watch under the sun for a long time. The ultraviolet rays can make the color fade away and cause damage to the texture of your wooden watch. This is especially a problem if you wear your wooden watch while doing sports. It is best that you use a leather strap watch when you are playing sports. 

A change in temperature can adversely affect it

Because wood is a natural material, it can be affected by changes in temperature. Light and heat are the most common culprits that can ruin a wooden watch. The best way to store your wooden watch is to place it in a dark, cool place such as your dresser drawer or sock drawer. If you have to store it in an area that receives a lot of sun, then make sure you cover it with a cloth or sleeve before placing it in the drawer or box. Also keep in mind that heat rises, so if you live in a warm climate and keep your wooden watches on your nightstand, then they will be exposed to higher temperatures than they should.

Dents or scratches can spoil it’s shape

Wooden watches are prone to scratches and dents. You must be aware of this when you are handling them. Don't keep them in the same box or bag for long period of time. The box might have scratches and dents which will transfer to the wooden watches if kept for a longer time.

Wooden watches need regular polishing. If you use them regularly, then polishing them once in a month is enough for the time being. However, if you don't use your wooden watch often, then polish it every two months so that it looks shiny and new always.

Apply water proof coating to be on safe side

Wooden watches need water proof coating from time to time so that they don't get affected by water easily. The wooden watches come with leather straps but they sometimes get damaged by water or sweat if not properly taken care off. So you must apply coating on the leather straps at regular intervals to make the strap soft and water proof so that it doesn't get damaged easily due to sweat or water contact.

Use natural oils to lubricate your wood

Wood is porous. The pores absorb liquids like water or moisture that can eventually damage the wood. To maintain your wooden watch, use natural oils such as olive oil or linseed oil to lubricate it and keep it looking shiny after a thorough cleaning with soap and warm water. Avoid using synthetic oils such as WD-40, which contain chemicals that can cause damage to the wood over time.


A wooden watch, although it appears to be neat, can be very problematic from the maintenance perspective. But if you pay attention to your wooden watch, then you would know about its durability and other specs.

Tony West
Tony West

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