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November 12, 2021 6 min read

Buying a gift for your son can be a difficult task. You want something different, meaningful, and age-appropriate. Wooden Watches for Men can be a great option If its sentiment and quality that you're looking for. Wood watches are fun and out of the ordinary. Check wood watches if you want to get your son a special gift for Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion. These watches are handcrafted from premium birch wood, making them not only stylish but also long-lasting. Your son will love wearing this piece on all his hikes and camping expeditions while remembering how much he means to you.

The outlook and attire of a man reflect his personality that attracts everyone. Whatever it may be, either a family function or a friend's gathering, his dress makes him look royal and presentable. Though every watch shows you the perfect time but certainly does not make you look special. A watch, especially an engraved one, works like a charm builder for every man. That is the reason we suggest parents gift their son a wood watch. It acts both as a timekeeper and love catalyst.                                                                                  

Why Engraved Watches?

Watches are an essential accessory for men. If you want to gift your son a watch. Buy watches based on their style and quality. It is important to buy watches that suit your son's style too. Your son will love receiving a wood watch due to its sustainability and style, but more than anything, he'll love it because it's coming from you. You can make it more thoughtful by engraving it with a special message. Personalised engraving techniques give watches a unique and distinctive look. This distinct look makes them more valuable than other ordinary silver watches.

Additionally, phrases, names, dates, sayings, and more are great ways to remember a special moment. Engravings add a special touch. These watches become much more cherished when there is a unique message included in them. It makes it much more than a wooden watch gifted from parents. It makes it belong to them.

As long as you pick something that comes from the heart, your engraving is sure to be greatly appreciated by the watch's wearer. It will make it so much more special, and your son will cherish it for years to come.

Just remember to keep it short, timeless, sweet, and sentimental. Double-check that it is spelled correctly before you send it off to be engraved, and you will end up with a piece of watch that is unique.

Our Personal Favorites

Burton - Men's Wooden Watch with Leather Band

Burton is designed to speak for themselves. This stylish day and date timepiece is crafted from high-quality wood and leather. It is a great choice for men who are daring and sporty. This watch has a black dial paired with a soft leather strap that gives it a more casual look. Simple and classic, this watch comes with a clear glass front and an internal dial ring to make it easy to read the time. The wooden body is solid and lightweight. The leather strap is comfortable on the wrist and durable enough that you won't need to worry about them breaking on your next adventure.

100% natural bamboo wood is used for a unique look with special appeal. It is a dependable, versatile, and classically modern watch made of exotic wood for any occasion.

In short, this watch is all about style. 

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Dune - Black Dial Zebrawood Watch For Men

You need something different and unique that makes your son stand out, and Dune is just the right watch to make it happen. 100% Zebrawood watch for men is the most popular in the Arcadia collection because of its masculine squared-off style. The black dial face gives it a exceptional look with unique dark colored patterns and sharp square-cut edges.

 With this Zebrawood Watch on your wrist, you get more than just a watch. You get a stylish timepiece that speaks to your values. This watch is both beautiful and swell-designed. 

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Burmese - Men's Watch Wooden Face 

Burmese is casual but very classy. Burmese does not include hour/minute markers. The aesthetics of this watch will be appreciated with many different style preferences. It is stylish, trendy and goes with all attires. Made from 100% Dark Ebony Wood, Burmese is guaranteed to start conversions and make an impression. 

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High Noon - Men's Zebra Wood Watch

 High Noon, as different as its name. Light zebra wood is used to give it a sleek look with a silver face, made from 100% Black Sandalwood (our boldest option) or 100% Zebrawood options for a lighter vibe. To add a touch of class, these watches are made with a hidden butterfly clasp for a continuous flow of the wood band. High Noon is a lighter vibe with a 100% zebra wood band and case. A great complimenting feature to the light zebrawood is one of our signature silver faces.

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Chestnut Wood Watch For Men

Modern men deserve a modern and masculine watch relevant to their challenges and reflect their unique tastes. Chestnut is what you need for your son. The Chestnut is the perfect combination of elegant, sleek, and bold. Combining 100% zebrawood case/band with our midnight black face. This watch is particularly designed and manufactured with thorough attention to detail. What’s special about this chestnut watch is that it is made with a hidden butterfly clasp and a blue second’s hand. 

Certainly this watch is the chicest one that you’ll buy for your son with its midnight black face, contrasting minute and second hands, rust zebra wood case, and classic black dial. Rest assured, he’ll feel confident and proud every time you wear this watch.

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Eco-Friendly options 

If your son is concerned about the environment, wooden watches are a great gift. All wood watches are made up of 100% reclaimed sustainable wood rather than freshly cut trees. That makes it a gift you can feel good giving, and your son can feel great upon receiving. The recycled material isn’t the only thing that makes wooden watches a sturdy gift – the nature of the wood also lends itself to this.

 Wood is a natural material, it organically evolve with time. Other traditional materials and Steels do this as well, but our reclaimed woods improve its quality as they age rather than rusting or wearing out. As wooden watches are used and worn more, wood watches will become more comfortable, smoother, and develop a richer patina than when it was first bought. In other words, your son can wear for longer, which means less waste and a more thoroughly used gift. It’s a win-win-win situation for you, him, and the environment! 

What can be engraved? 

Every watch is different. What you want to engrave it all depends on available space size. You have to engrave around stamp marks, brands' logo, or info that the watch company sees fit to plant all over the watch. You also have to look at the metal of the cover. Some watches are very cheap, and the base metal is very plated or thin. It could break or bend if not done right. 

  • When in doubt, engrave a name
  • If the name is long or doesn't fit the watch, engrave initials
  • Communicate through your font selection
  • Keep messages relevant to the occasion  
  • Double-check your abbreviations
  • Choose your words carefully
  • Make sure to say what meant a lot and true without wasting words
  • Avoid clichés
  • If you are opting for a commonly used phrase, make sure it is meaningful to you and your son.
  • Handwriting Engraving

This little personalized engraving can make a big difference in turning a gift into a keepsake or heirloom. These handwriting are emotional in just the right way and are the most personal form of engraving possible.

To Conclude 

Wooden watches are stylish, unique, and eye-appealing. If you want to purchase your son a thoughtful and modern gift, look no further than Lakewood watches. Lakewood watches are a perfect gift for your son's birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, and many other special occasions. There isn't a person who wouldn't adore them! You can personalize wood watch with an engraved message for a special touch

Whether you want to add a special date, image, or a simple reminder that you love him, we can make it happen. Lakewood Watch offers an extensive assortment of watches and engraved options. Just select a piece, and we will make sure it will turn out perfect. You can add a handwritten note, too, for a more personalized touch. 

At the end of the day, remember! You have already gone the extra mile to make your gift memorable. Don't stress too much. And believe that your son will be going to love it. 

 If you have any ideas and questions for the perfect watch to engrave, leave a comment below!

Tony West
Tony West

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